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Johannes Klinkler

Conscious Leaders for a Digital World

To make YOU the best – as a Top Executive Leader

Leading in a digital world

You want to develop a deep understanding of the potential and ethical aspects of digitalization and AI in corporate management.

Mindful Leadership

You want to develop and promote a mindful leadership style that emphasizes emotional intelligence and resilience.


You would like to integrate the PERMA-Lead leadership model (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning,
Accomplishment) into your management practice and corporate culture to increase employee well-being and performance.

Johannes Klinkler, Founder CEO

The 3-MAGIC Way©

“Focusing on a maximum of 3 steps, always takes us much much further than getting bogged down in 300 possibilities.

Our methodology:
We start with a sound understanding of each leader’s individual needs. Our 3-step approach enables us to tackle complex challenges clearly and effectively by first building awareness, then developing targeted strategies and finally implementing them in practice.

Recognizing and valuing employees has been shown to lead to higher ROI.”

In the future, successful companies will have only one constant: highly satisfied employees.


Your partner for future-oriented management consulting. We are experts in navigating leaders through today’s dynamic working world for tomorrow. Our tailored approach combines in-depth executive coaching with advanced leadership development programs, always supported by the latest technological innovations. Together, we shape your leadership role in an employee-centered way – effective, future-proof and supported by technology.

Sustainability is important to us, which is why we plant a tree for each client, which symbolically grows with them.

Why 3-MAGIC?

3-MAGIC stands for future-oriented leadership development that focuses on awareness, mindfulness and positive psychological principles. We support managers in leading themselves and their teams ethically and effectively into the future.


Leading in a digital world

  • Professional business coaching to support leaders in their individual understanding process.
  • Team coaching sessions to address collective concerns and develop joint strategies for digitalization topics and the ethical integration of AI
  • Workshops to raise awareness of AI issues and develop a mindful approach to AI.

Mindful Leadership

  • Individual coaching to develop mindfulness and emotional intelligence.
  • Team workshops and retreats to train leaders in mindfulness practices.
  • Individual workshops to build a sustainable mindful leadership practice. Tailor-made formats are used here, such as the 3-MAGIC 3-A model (Appreciation as a Leader) and the 3-MAGIC STfT workshop (Sustainable Together for Tomorrow).


  • In-depth globally certified analysis (PERMA-Lead Profiler, PERMA-Lead 360Grad Feedback, PERMA-Lead Leadership & Organizational Culture Analysis) to identify the status quo and derive recommendations for action.
  • Interactive workshops on the application of the PERMA model in management practice.
  • Consulting and support for the implementation of PERMA principles in the corporate culture.

3-MAGIC always acts fully in accordance with the ethical guidelines of the International Organization for Business Coaching (IOBC) Link


We select our partners with the utmost care and attention. It is essential for us that our partners not only understand our corporate philosophy, but also share it. On our website, we proudly present a selection of these like-minded companies that share our values and vision.

Selected references


“For more than 20 years, I was convinced that as a top manager, I always had to have the last word, even though this meant that I and my team were not doing well. Through the absolutely professional coaching I developed suitable routines for me to hand over responsibility at the right moment with the result that I and my team have created a completely new totally positive working atmosphere.”

Eugen Z. (Divisional Board, Large enterprises)


“My perfectionism has always hindered me, both in my working life and in my private life, and even great successes I could never accept, because I was always convinced that I could do even better. Through the coaching support and the application of coaching tools, I have accepted for myself that “perfectionism” is a part of me. I have built my own way to show emotions and to celebrate and acknowledge small successes. I myself, my team and also my wife could see this development extremely clearly positive and my positive attitude has increased significantly. I can only recommend the coaching to every manager.”

Jens R. (Top Executive, responsible for more than 3,500 people)


“The coaching showed me that the power for my attitudes and actions lies with me alone. As a young, female top leader for over 600 people, everyone is important to me and I can now express my attitudes and expectations even more clearly. In between, simply taking a mindful “break” helps me a lot to bring myself back down to earth.”

Magda M. (Top Executive, family business)